International Gourmet Foods Inc.
Where Quality is not a Luxury


Three products, an office, a pickup truck and dedication to hard work and customer service laid the groundwork for what has grown in over two decades into International Gourmet Foods. With over 5,000 items in inventory spanning several categories, IGF will meet your needs.


As eye catching as they are delectable, our fresh frozen appetizers are a superb time saving option for your banquet and catering events; big or small.

Baking and Pastry Supplies

Quality ingredients blended with the talent of a pastry chef yield excellence. Fine couverture chocolate, extracts, flavorings, fondant, decorations, additives and more.

Bar & Beverage Service

From the customer’s first sip of water at the start of the meal to the last velvety drop of premium Italian coffee or espresso with drinks and mixers in between: Our vast selection also includes gourmet sodas and organic juices perfect for the café, restaurant, bar or gourmet retailers.

Beans & Legumes

Among the most versatile and nutritious in the realm of vegetables, our vast collection of beans and legumes rivals any other. From soups and stews to the finest in international cuisine. The possibilities are endless!

Bread, Tortillas & Wraps

Offering the best in artisan par-baked breads. Crisp crusts and perfectly chewy interiors. Every size, shape and ingredient profile to fit your needs. International “wrappers” and authentic tortillas.

Candy & Sweets

Gourmet cookies, candies and confections, perfect for both restaurant and retail.

Center of the Plate Proteins & Charcuterie

Center of the Plate: In just a few short years, IGF has become the go-to place for Wagyu beef, Berkshire pork and locally sourced poultry. Featuring products from across the US. Charcuterie & Deli: Over 250 international and domestic/artisanal products - a meat lover’s dream!

Cheese Corner

From Artisan and Domestic cheeses, to Imports and Cheese Plates, we can accomodate everything!

Chips, Crackers and Snacks

A cracker is most often a vehicle to the mouth and a chip an indulgence. Whatever the use, look to International Gourmet for the finest available. We also carry healthy snacks and other gourmet retail items.

Condiments & Sauces

The finest domestic, Asian and Mediterranean inspired condiments and sauces to complement and enhance your creation.

Dairy Products

We have a wide selection of dairy products that are available at a moment's notice. Our dairy products undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality.


Our collection, largely imported, of prepared desserts: gelato, sorbet, cakes, pastries, etc.

Flours & Grains

We have a wide assortment of fresh Flours and tons of Grains to choose from.

Fruit, Purees & Preserves

Dried, freeze-dried, IQF/frozen, bakery and retail preserves and 90% fruit puree

Honey & Syrup

We have a wide assortment of Honey and delicious Syrups to choose from.


Over 50 items readily available within a couple of days

Mushrooms & Truffles

We have a wide selection of mushrooms and truffles.

Non-Food & Paper Products

Baking and catering essentials, janitorial supplies and paper products.

Nuts & Seeds

We have a wide selection of nuts and seeds that you will enjoy.

Oil, Olive Oil & Fats

Including origin protected olive oils, blended and flavored oils.


Tell your taste buds to pack their passport for a trip to the countryside! Single varietal and mixes from IGF’s Fresh Harvest Olive selection are among the many in stock.

Pasta & Noodles

Locally produced as well as imported fresh/frozen filled pasta, superior Italian dry pasta including gluten free options and noodles.

Salt, Herbs, Spices, Blends, Dried Peppers

We have a wide selection of Salt, Herbs, Spices, Blends, Dried Peppers.

Seafood Specialties

Featuring imported Dover Sole, Branzini and Sea Bream alongside domestic and imported specialties.

Shells & Cups

Over 75 edible vessels to suit your needs. Whether sweet or savory, chocolate or pastry, International Gourmet has the perfect complement to your creation.

Sugar, Specialty Sugar & Sugar Substitutues

Explore our wonderful world of sugar, specialty sugar and sugar substitutes.


Potato potahto, tomato tomahto… in addition to preserved, frozen and canned vegetable products


The largest selection of balsamic available! Origin protected Sherry vinegar from Spain and more!